How It Works

How It Works (Posted)

Question: How do you get the word out about your business?

Answer: Marketing


1. Create a Project.

2. Find Freelancers on our platform (you can filter your search by location, skill, industry, language, etc.)

3. Or just wait for the offers from Freelancers.

4. Create a Team Room for your Project. You can create several different Projects (a Blogger Project, a Google Ads Manager Project, etc.) to hire several Freelancers.

5. Invite Freelancers to your Team Room. There, they will have access to all the projects that you created for each Team Room.

6. Work with them as a Team in your Team Room.

7. You can also do Companies Search – in case you would like to collaborate with other companies on joint-marketing projects.

Or Companies can start with a Team Room first:

1. Create a Team Room.
2. Invite freelancers to your new Team Room.
3. Discuss your work together.
4. Create a project for each freelancer after you discuss it.
5. Continue working together with your new team.

***If you don’t know how many freelancers you need for your project, contact us at***


1. Create your profile (in the Profile Settings): be very specific, add your awards and certifications, your resume, projects – treat your profile like an initial interview. Show all your accomplishments and don’t be shy! We’re marketers, right?

2. In the Account Settings you have to select languages you speak, English Level, and freelancer type (if you are an agency, an independent freelancer or an intern).


3. Search for the projects and send companies your proposal.

4. If you don’t see a project that is right for you – start with a company search and follow companies that you would like to work with in the future. When they post a project that fits your skills – you can send them a proposal.